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Great High-Protein Snacks You Can Find at Tri-Mart BP June 1, 2018

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Great High-Protein Snacks You Can Find at Tri-Mart BP, Lynne, Wisconsin

Finding great snacks while on the go can be a challenge. Many foods that are easy to eat on the road are woefully devoid of nutritious value. Thankfully, the Tri-Mart BP in Tripoli, WI, has a wide range of high-protein options to fit the bill. Convenient, nutritious, and easy to eat while on the go, these high-protein snacks can keep you fueled for the ride.

Great High-Protein Snacks You Can Find at Tri-Mart BP

Nuts, Seeds, & Trail Mix

SnackTrail mix and nuts are great on-the-go snacks because you can enjoy them in small handfuls, allowing you to keep both hands available for safe driving. Be sure to choose the unsalted or low-salt variety for an even healthier option. You could also opt for pistachios, almonds, and even sunflower seeds.

Protein Bars

They come in so many flavors; you will have your pick when it comes to choosing something to fit your taste buds. Protein and fiber bars pack a powerful punch of protein in a small bar that comes in no-fuss wrapping, making it easy to simply unwrap and enjoy.

Jerky, Meat Sticks, & Cheeses

String cheese makes a great option, as they are a high-protein snack with plenty of calcium as well. Jerky is a classic high-protein option that comes in a resealable bag, allowing you to enjoy your snack and preserve some in the resealable bag for later. 

When it comes to finding quality high-protein snacks on the go, there are many options available at a convenience store. If you’re on the road in Tripoli and need a great snack, stop by the Tri-Mart BP. They offer a wide variety of healthy snack options to keep you fueled and ready to go. Visit their website for directions and hours of operation. You can also call them at (715) 564-2440 for more information.  

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