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Set Yourself Up for the New Year January 3, 2018

Midtown, Atlanta
Set Yourself Up for the New Year, Atlanta, Georgia

Every January, I do a couple of things that just make the rest of my year easier in my business and in my personal life.

  1. PLAN YOUR VACATION. Yes… I start the year knowing when and where I am going. I have something to look forward to, I can save money by planning early, and I can plan my business around my time off. 
  2. CLEAN OUT YOUR FILES. I have file folders categorized for my personal taxes and business taxes. As I incur expenses throughout the year that are applicable to my taxes, I just file those receipts/invoices in those folders. As I get monthly/quarterly statements, I also file those. At the beginning of the year, I empty out all of those folders to avoid mixing current year documents with the prior year’s documents. 
  3. ORGANIZE FOR TAXES. As my documents were already in folders by category (see #2 above), it is really easy to take a quick pass at sorting and organizing them for the tax accountant. I only take about a half an hour doing this. I paperclip each category together and label with sticky notes and put in a large envelope or box. As I receive tax documents, such as W-2’s. 1099’s, financial summaries, etc., I just add them to the sorted documents as I receive them. When I sit down to do my final prep for the tax accountant, the document preparation makes it much easier. 
  4. MAKE APPOINTMENTS. Tax preparation, doctors appointments, regular health screenings, auto maintenance… I can look at last year’s calendar and know when I need to make the appointments, or at minimum put alerts on my calendar to make the appointments. 

I find this little bit of organizing makes sure that I stay organized and on track for the remainder of the year. 

I also linking to an article from CBSNews from Jan.1 regarding tax preparation. 


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