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Emergency Towing Experts Explain How to Prep for Winter January 11, 2018

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Emergency Towing Experts Explain How to Prep for Winter, Helena Flats, Montana

Driving through Montana in severe winter weather requires some preparation, even if your car or truck is a newer model. Breaking down on a cold winter’s night makes frostbite an extremely real possibility, so the more you prepare your vehicle, the better. Use these five tips from the emergency towing team at Bolster’s Towing in Kalispell, MT, to stay safe on the road this winter:

What Does Winter Vehicle Prep Involve?

Check Everything

Prepare to face the harsh Montana cold by scheduling professional repair and maintenance services. The best services check everything that can contribute to a breakdown or accident, such as checking and changing the oil; ensuring tire air pressure is not too low; and inspecting the lights, antifreeze level, brakes, spark plugs, heater, battery, wipers, and defroster. All of these things should be in excellent condition before winter gets too far underway, so commission repairs and replacements if necessary to remain safe while driving. Investing in snow tires is also a good idea if your area is susceptible to snowy roads and highways. 

Create a Special Winter Car Care Kit

emergency towingMake up a vehicle emergency kit specifically for cold weather, including cat litter for traction, heavy woolen blankets, flares, batteries, battery-operated space heaters, first aid kit, flashlight, water, protein bars, phone battery charger, and an extra car battery. Keep this kit in your trunk for the duration of winter and add or subtract to it based on the season.

Add Emergency Towing Contact Info to Your Phone

Put the Bolster’s Towing contact number in your phone so that you can easily call for emergency towing whenever you need it. Write the number down as well and add it to your emergency road kit in case your phone dies and you need to flag down a passing vehicle and have them call a towing company. You should remain with your vehicle instead of attempting to walk the nearest store/house during blizzard conditions. Emergency towing service from the Kalispell company is available 24/7, including holidays, to help you enjoy a safer winter.

Work with the roadside assistance and emergency towing company that has kept Kalispell and surrounding-area residents safe since 1971. Call Bolster’s Towing at (406) 752-4528 or visit the website for more service details. Follow the towing company on Google+ for helpful tips and information.

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