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What You Should Know Before Planting a Sapling January 10, 2018

West Hartford, Hartford County
What You Should Know Before Planting a Sapling, West Hartford, Connecticut

From energy-saving shade to curb appeal enhancement, a yard full of healthy trees offers many benefits. But if you’re starting from scratch with a fresh sapling, special care and patience are necessary to eventually enjoy these advantages. As Alton Tree Services explains, many of the steps you take while planting will determine the lifelong health of the tree. Before you get digging, this trusted tree service of West Hartford, CT, offers a few tips to help your sapling take root.  


Select Carefully

Approximately 1,000 tree species grow well in North America, but not all fare well in the New England climate. As such, you should consider those that are common in the Connecticut area, such as Red Maple and Eastern Hemlock. Beyond that, you’ll want to research species that offer the height, shading ability, leaf colors, and fruit production you’re looking for.  

Time It Right

While spring is typically gardening season, early fall is actually the best time to plant most saplings. This time of year offers the right temperature, humidity, and sunlight young trees need to thrive.

tree serviceConsider Staking

When done correctly, staking can provide saplings with solid support that allows them to grow a healthy root system. If staking, be careful not to penetrate the roots and to only use damage-free straps.  


Select a Congested Area

Saplings should be placed in areas where they won’t have to compete with other plants. It should also be positioned so that branches won’t be dangerous for surrounding property, power lines, or other trees. In terms of digging, the hole should be about twice as wide as the root ball but only as deep as the root ball itself.   

Add Too Much Fertilizer

Healthy soil and mulch are all young trees need after planting. In fact,  fertilizer may damage the roots. However, when spring arrives, you might consider adding a very slight amount of fertilizer to provide the right nutrition for the growing tree. You can always consult a tree service specialist if you’re unsure of how much to add.


Soil should be well-watered as soon as your plant it and the following day. After that, you’ll need to follow the exact watering requirements for your specific sapling. Otherwise, you may end up drowning the roots. You should also irrigate deep into the soil to discourage superficial root development.

While following the proper planting steps will help saplings thrive, they will require routine care to stay healthy. Whatever the age of your plants, Alton Tree Services is equipped with the resources and expertise to provide the right level of care. Offering everything from tree cutting service to stump removal, the tree service specialists will help support appropriate growth and sustain the beauty of your yard. You can view examples of their work online, or call (860) 236-8027 to request tree service in the West Hartford, CT, area.

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