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5 Essential HVAC Maintenance Tips January 11, 2018

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5 Essential HVAC Maintenance Tips, Cabot, Arkansas

To keep your home comfortable and your HVAC system running properly, you need to treat it carefully and perform occasional maintenance. These tasks are not difficult, but they make a significant difference in the life span of your system and its operation costs. Here, Alexanders Heat & Air of Cabot, AR, lists the five most important maintenance tips below.

5 Key Heating & Cooling Maintenance Tips

1. Clear Plants & Debris From Around the Condenser

HVACTo run properly, your AC system needs to draw fresh air into the condenser—the outdoor unit—so it can dissipate the heat it removes from indoors. To further this process, make sure there are no plants, debris, or other items blocking the unit's intake area. Allow at least six to eight inches on all sides of the condenser for efficient air flow and heat dissipation.

2. Change Filters Regularly

Change your HVAC filter regularly to allow easy air flow through the home and maintain your indoor air quality. If you smoke or have pets, change the filters every 30 days to remove contaminants. Otherwise, you can replace them every 90 days.

3. Clean Condensation Line

The condensation line collects and eliminates moisture, so it can become moldy or mildewed over time. To prevent this, pour a quart of 1/4 bleach solution down the line every three months or so. This will keep it clean and prevent blockages.

4. Check Furnace Flame

Occasionally, check the furnace flame. It should be a sharp blue, perhaps with a yellow tip. If it is wavy or yellow, it may not be receiving adequate oxygen and should be inspected by a heating and AC professional.

5. Schedule HVAC Inspections

To prevent problems with your furnace or air conditioner, schedule an inspection once or twice a year. If you only have a furnace, plan a visit in early fall before the cold weather sets in. If you have a central air system, have it inspected during the spring before the temperatures rise.

For an HVAC inspection or professional maintenance this season, contact the experts at Alexanders Heat & Air in Cabot, AR. For more than two decades, they have provided unmatched service and exceptional results to customers throughout the Greater Little Rock area. Visit their website to submit a service request form, or call them at (501) 605-0816 to discuss your needs with an experienced professional.

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