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Plant Nursery Shares Care Tips for 5 Types of Ferns January 10, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii
Plant Nursery Shares Care Tips for 5 Types of Ferns, Hilo, Hawaii

Ferns are unique and beautiful plants, known for their bright-green leaves and feathery texture. However, in order for them to thrive, each variety requires a specific lawn care and maintenance routine. At Garden Exchange in Hilo, HI, their team goes out of their way to help customers care for their plants and flowers. Below, the staff at this leading plant nursery shares five common types of ferns, and they offer suggestions to properly care for each one.

Plant Nursery Shares Lawn Care Tips for 5 Common Types of Ferns

1. Maidenhair

Maidenhair ferns, known for their distinctive Kelly-green leaves, are popular because they can thrive both inside and outside the home. Although they do need moisture to remain healthy, don’t saturate them too much—if you do, the roots can start to rot. If it begins to dry out in the sunlight, simply spray the plant with a bit of water to revitalize it.

2. Boston

plant nurseryBoston ferns require very specific lawn care. They should be placed in a cool environment where they’ll be exposed to a bit of light without being hit directly by the sun’s rays. However, they do require an adequate amount of moisture to thrive, so mist them once a day.

3. Cinnamon

True to their name, cinnamon ferns feature distinctive ruddy foliage that contrast dramatically with their green leaves. To grow fully, they need to be placed in a moist environment. Trim the leaves regularly and plant them in a nutrient-rich fertilizer.

4. Holly

Holly ferns don’t require much care. Simply place them in an area that receives a significant amount of sunlight, and plant them in a soil that retains moisture well. When they’re properly cared for, holly ferns can grow to be quite large: as much as two-feet high and three-feet wide!

5. Staghorn

With their bold, floppy leaves, staghorn ferns are impossible to forget—but easy to maintain! They should be watered often and fertilized once a month. However, avoid over-watering them or placing them in humid spots, both of which can contribute to the development of fungus.

A simple care and maintenance routine goes a long way toward preserving the integrity of your ferns. Whether you’re seeking gardening or lawn care supplies, turn to Garden Exchange for all your needs. With an extensive inventory and a helpful staff, they’ll ensure your greenery thrives. Visit their website to learn more about the plant nursery’s offerings, and call (808) 961-2875 to speak with a team member today.

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