Charleston, New York

A Guide to the Money-Saving Properties of Ductless HVAC Systems January 10, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
A Guide to the Money-Saving Properties of Ductless HVAC Systems, Staten Island, New York

As the winter continues to get colder, many residents are seeing their utility bills start to spike. With older and traditional HVAC systems, those costs will only climb higher, eating deeper into savings. But thanks to the modern ductless heating & cooling systems available from Breezin HVAC of New Jersey and New York, there is a way to save big as the temperature drops. 

Here are three ways that ductless HVAC systems can help you cut costs: 

  • HVAC systemsNo Heat Loss: When you rely on ducts to deliver your air flow, a certain amount will generally get lost in the process. Even tiny air holes can allow valuable air to escape, accumulating into a significant loss as the months go by. Money can be spent to reinsulate the ducts, but that will add another ongoing cost. Since ductless systems have don’t feed air through extensive pipes, you never have to worry about that kind of wasted energy and ultimately higher costs. 
  • Higher Efficiency: Part of the reason ductless units are so popular is that they are built to be radically more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. Using the same amount of energy, they are capable of providing much more heat. Because that enables the machines to warm your home easier and faster, you’ll wind up paying less per month during wintertime. 
  • Zone Control: Thanks to the sophisticated technology of ductless systems, you can do much more to customize your units than turn them on and off. By strategically lowering the temperature in rooms that aren’t used as often, or during times when residents are out of the house, you can reap additional savings per month. 

To save money year around, reach out to Breezin HVAC about their ductless HVAC systems. The company sources their equipment from elite manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric®. You can inquire about availability by calling (718) 761-2700. Learn more about the company by visiting their website.