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New York's Best Tailors Explain What You Need to Know About Shearling March 13, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
New York's Best Tailors Explain What You Need to Know About Shearling, Manhattan, New York

Shearling, a popular cold-weather fabric, is a soft, wool-like material. Unfortunately, although it is a wonderful addition to any closet, few people understand what it is and how to properly care for it. As the professionals at 6 Avenue Tailor explain, it’s wise to learn a bit more about the fabric if you want to get the most use out of it.  Below, the best tailors in New York City share four important facts you should know about the material.

NYC’s Best Tailors Offer a Basic Guide to Shearling

1. What It Is

“Shearling” refers to the actual sheep that is used to create a piece of clothing. This term simply means that the animal has only been shorn once. One side of this material can be either suede or denim, while the other is a short, clipped wool. The result is a very soft, warm, and thick layer of cloth material that can be used to create sweaters and jackets. 

2. Why It Needs Special Care

best tailorsBecause the material is so delicate, it requires some special care. When shearling is exposed to moisture or direct sunlight, it can become matted or lose its shape entirely. Keeping these items in a cool, dry, dark space, such as a garment bag in your closet, will ensure it stays in great shape for many years. 

3. How to Keep It Clean

Between wears, clean your shearling pieces to keep them looking as good as the day you bought them. Rather than throwing the garment in the washing machine, bring it to a tailor who has experience handling the material. Additionally, if you ever experience a spill, spot, or stain, avoid washing it yourself, as this will ruin your investment. 

4. Why You Should Wear It

Shearling offers so much more than a stylish appearance. The material naturally retains heat to keep you cozy while wicking away moisture for comfort. Since sheepskin is adaptable to weather changes, it can be worn in all climates, as it encourages breathability. Even after being worn in the rain, a shearling coat can simply be shaken off to remove excess water and avoid damage.

If you have shearling items in your closet that need professional work, turn to the team at 6 Avenue Tailor in New York City. This revered Midtown tailor will go the extra mile to care for your wardrobe, acting as a one-stop alterations shop for everything from a shearling coat to your wedding gown. Guaranteeing 100% satisfaction for every customer, this talented team of experts will make every effort to get your items back to you on time, which is why they offer rush and same-day delivery service. For more information on what they do, visit the city’s best tailors online, and give them a call today at (212) 593-1925 to schedule an appointment.

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