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3 Circumstances That Call for Water Jetting Services January 12, 2018

Norwalk, Fairfield County
3 Circumstances That Call for Water Jetting Services, Norwalk, Connecticut

Keeping your home running smoothly means paying attention to all of the systems around the house. Plumbing is one of the most often-used and fragile setups on any residential property, and it must be tended to frequently to keep the family’s day-to-day routine from being interrupted. It’s for this reason that a faulty pipe or drain can lead to major inconvenience, and homeowners should be familiar with the concept of water jetting. Water jetting—blasting high-pressure water through your pipes—is the plumber-recommended remedy for all forms of clogged drains, and it will make a major difference in the overall functionality of your pipes. 

Below are three reasons you should enlist water jetting services:

  • Protect Your Plumbing: Many homeowners assume that they can clear a clogged drain simply by purchasing a chemical solution. While this may provide a temporary fix, these chemicals can often be harmful to the plumbing in your home and won’t make any long-term progress toward removing the actual source of the clog. Water jetting will clear out the clog without causing any damage to your pipes.
  • Clear a Severe Clog: Some drain clogs are so severe that a drugstore solution won’t even make an inch of progress. Whether the clog is due to hair, grease, oil, scale, or other debris, you can trust that water jetting will remove the blockage completely, leaving your pipes in excellent shape and allowing water to flow through more efficiently. 
  • Maintain Healthy Drains: The pipes in your home should be cleaned yearly to ensure maximum effectiveness and financial savings. Rather than reaching for an over-the-counter solution, it’s best to call your local water jetting experts so that they can provide a deeper clean. Water jetting contractors can clear out more than just a clog—they’ll rinse off all scale, mold, and other growth that affects the stability and reliability of your pipes and drains. Not only will this ensure your home and family stay safe, but it will save you a fortune on major pipe repairs down the road. 


When you need a drain cleared, seek reputable assistance fast. For homeowners in Connecticut’s Fairfield and New Haven counties, the go-to name for water jetting is All Star Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning. With over 30 years of industry experience, this team of sewer and drain experts is well-versed in the ways of pipe maintenance. Using top-of-the-line inspection equipment and a keen sense of plumbing knowledge, you can trust that your home is in capable hands. For more help, visit them online or call today at (203) 286-4498.

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