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Don't Ignore These 3 Symptoms of a Bad Starter January 12, 2018

Ocean Hill, Brooklyn
Don't Ignore These 3 Symptoms of a Bad Starter, Brooklyn, New York

When your car won’t start in the morning, it’s easy to point to a dead battery as the culprit. However, the issue is often with the starter. The starter relay is a crucial part of your vehicle’s ignition system. When you start your engine, it redirects power from the battery to the solenoid, which causes the starter to spin. When your starter is worn or damaged, you will likely have issues starting your vehicle or getting it to run smoothly.

3 Signs of a Bad Starter

Vehicle Won’t Start

If your car does not start when you begin the ignition process, a faulty starter might be to blame. You might hear a clicking noise or be greeted with complete silence. Often, this indicates a circuit has failed.

Strange Noises Come From the Engine

starter-brooklyn-nyDo you hear an unusual sound coming from the engine when you try to start your car? Try to decipher the noise, as certain ones can indicate starter issues.

If you hear a grinding noise, your starter drive gear might be worn out or not engaging properly. A single, solid click indicates that while your starter circuit is getting enough power from the battery, the motor or solenoid might be malfunctioning. However, if you hear nothing at all, the battery is dead or another part of the system has failed.

Your Engine Is Smoking

Be mindful of smoke or a burning smell when you try to start your vehicle. When too much power is drawn through the electrical supply to the starter, this can short the circuit or cause another connection problem. Don’t operate your vehicle when this happens, as you can cause further damage.


If you notice any of these symptoms, a bad starter system might be to blame. For a quick diagnosis, bring your vehicle to Discount Auto Repair in Brooklyn, NY. Their team of reliable mechanics provides affordable solutions for a host of auto problems. Whether you need brake service, an auto tuneup, or tire repairs, your vehicle will be handled by ASE®-certified technicians. Learn more about their diagnostic services online, and call (718) 922-7079 to schedule an appointment.

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