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Creative Cremation Services Ideas: What to Do With Ashes January 9, 2018

Mount Washington, Cincinnati
Creative Cremation Services Ideas: What to Do With Ashes, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’ve hired cremation services for your recently passed loved one, you’ll receive their ashes after the service. This leaves you with a variety of options on what to do with the ashes. Some of the more commonly used strategies include scattering the ashes and putting them in an urn to be kept at home or in a niche. The memorial services staff at TP White & Sons Funeral Home in Cincinnati, OH, have shared some more creative ideas to memorialize your loved on with their ashes.

Unique Ash Options After Cremation Services

1. Jewelry

Memorial jewelry is a wonderful way to keep your loved one with you at all times. You can choose to have the ashes added into the materials of the jewelry, or you can purchase a piece with a small compartment in it for the ashes. There are many options for jewelry, allowing you to choose something that suits your taste. This requires only a small amount of the ashes, so you can still scatter the rest or put them into an urn.

2. Plant Them

Living urns are becoming more popular, since they are a beautiful and environmentally responsible option. These urns mix the cremated remains along with a seedling for flowers or trees. The urn itself is biodegradable. Plant the urn where you wish and watch the living reminder of your loved one grow and flourish. You can honor your loved one as you care for the new life growing from their urn and remember them every time you see the plant.

3. Create Art

cremation servicesIf your loved one was passionate about art, you may want to use their ashes to create a work of art. The remains can be mixed into materials such as paint or blown glass, which will then become something beautiful you can admire every day. Have the art created represent your loved one. For example, a beautiful blown vase can hold their favorite flowers, or a painting can capture their favorite beach.

The wonderful thing about cremation services is that you have endless options concerning what to do with your loved one’s ashes. Feel free to contact TP White & Sons Funeral Home at (513) 231-7150 to ask about their funeral products to carry out your plan. Their experienced and caring funeral home staff will guide you through the entire process, from planning the funeral to grief and guidance services.

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