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5 Tips for Saving Money on Heating With High-Efficiency Heating Systems January 17, 2018

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5 Tips for Saving Money on Heating With High-Efficiency Heating Systems, Exeter, New Hampshire

If your home heating system is running nonstop, you’re probably losing a significant amount of money to heating bills. With a few simple improvements to your home, you can save on heating and make the house more comfortable all at once. From basic insulation to whole new high-efficiency heating systems, here are a few changes to invest in.

How to Improve Heating Efficiency

1. Insulation

No matter how good your heater is, if the warmth is escaping into the outdoors, you’ll end up spending piles of money and still feeling cold. Invest in wall insulation and seal drafts around your doors and windows to get the most out of your heating system.

2. Windows

Speaking of insulation, one of the least insulated parts of your home is your window glass. Storm windows, new double-paned glass, thick curtains, or specially treated window films can all help slow the transfer of heat out of your home.

3. Furnace Maintenance

The more efficiently your furnace is working, the less it will have to run to heat your home and the less fuel it will use. Have your equipment inspected and adjusted at least once a year by a professional.

4. Thermostat Upgrades

high-efficiency heating systemsSometimes the heater itself isn’t the problem; instead, your thermostat is doing a poor job of regulating the heat. Repair or replace your thermostat to get more accurate control. A wireless thermostat is a great option for increased convenience.

5. New Heating System

Sometimes, the best move you can make for your home heating is to invest in a whole new system. The money you spend on a high-efficiency heating system will often be repaid in savings on your heating bills.


Key Heating & Air Conditioning in Exeter, NH, is the area’s expert on home heating and cooling. Their options for high-efficiency heating systems include ductless and geothermal systems, utilizing the most advanced technology available on the market. For help maintaining and improving your home HVAC systems, contact them today at (603) 436-8811 or online.

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