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The Dentists at Preferred Dental Care Chelsea Know That a Healthy Smile is Key to Your Happiness March 20, 2015

Chelsea, Manhattan
The Dentists at Preferred Dental Care Chelsea Know That a Healthy Smile is Key to Your Happiness, Manhattan, New York

The dentistry team at Preferred Dental Care Chelsea recognizes that a healthy smile can positively influence your overall happiness and well-being. Smiling has lasting effects that impact the professional, social and romantic areas of your life—but which smile is most genuine and effective when it comes to feeling and expressing real happiness?

Different facial muscles contract to form different kinds of smiles. Scientific studies show that the Duchenne smile, named for French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, is most often associated with positive emotions. A Duchenne smile lifts the sides of the mouth by contracting the cheek muscles (zygomatic major) and the muscles encircling the eye socket (orbicularis oculi), which crinkle the eyes’ outside corners. This unique combination stimulates the feel-good areas of the brain.

Studies have also shown that genuine smiles can affect relationships. Smiling communicates warmth and openness to others, while simultaneously making you both feel and appear more confident and attractive. If you’re insecure about the appearance of your teeth, you are less likely to smile and to experience its many benefits. Don’t let chipped or missing teeth, tooth discoloration, or abnormal tooth alignment keep you from enjoying life. Turn to Preferred Dental Care for your general, restorative and cosmetic dental needs so can have a smile you love to show off.

From white fillings and crowns to dental implants and more, Preferred Dental Care Chelsea’s restorative and general dentistry services will improve your oral health by repairing and strengthening your teeth. Their experienced cosmetic dentists offer smile-beautifying procedures, such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, and porcelain veneers. Utilizing the latest in dental care technology, their dentists truly want you to have a magnificent, long-lasting smile you’ll always be proud of.

Don’t delay your own happiness! Get the joy-filled smile you'll want to share with the world as much as possible. Visit Preferred Dental Care Chelsea online for more information, or call them in New York City at (212) 594-7171 to schedule an appointment.