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How the Fire Resistance of Concrete Makes It the Ideal Building Material January 10, 2018

How the Fire Resistance of Concrete Makes It the Ideal Building Material, Meriden, Connecticut

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used in construction. It has many great qualities, but one element that makes it particularly appealing is its fire resistance. Made of cement and aggregate materials, concrete naturally contains non-combustible properties, allowing it to withstand intense heat and flames without the need for additional fire protection. Utilizing this material during the building process gives projects a safety advantage by drastically reducing the risk of fire.

concreteConcrete’s high level of fire resistance gives it the ability to endure flames even when everything around it is burning. Unlike materials such as wood and steel, concrete won’t start to break down until it has been exposed to extreme heat and fire pressure for a number of hours. It has a slow rate of heat transfer, which generates a fire shield between spaces and stops flames from spreading throughout different areas. This means both residential and commercial buildings made with concrete walls have a greater capability of protecting themselves from fire damage in the event of a disaster. In addition, it’s essential to note that concrete won’t emit any hazardous fumes or gases when it comes into contact with fire.

Though its inherent strength and durability have already made concrete an attractive material choice for many different types of construction projects, its fire resistance is another important benefit to take into consideration. A structure built with concrete is likely to last much longer than one constructed out of other materials.


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