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Guide to Getting Your Commercial Truck Winter-Ready January 9, 2018

Cheektowaga, Erie
Guide to Getting Your Commercial Truck Winter-Ready, Cheektowaga, New York

Whether you work with one commercial truck or manage a fleet of them, it’s important to get them ready for winter. Otherwise, you’re leaving your investments prone to corrosion, engine problems, and other damage. Even vehicles that aren’t in use over winter should be properly winterized so that you don’t deal with problems in spring. If you haven’t gotten around to readying your trucks for winter yet, here are some important tasks to take on.

Guide to Getting Your Commercial Truck Winter-Ready

1. Switch to Winter Diesel Fuel

If you don’t switch to the winter blend, you may face rougher vehicle performance or even engine failure. This is because diesel contains wax, which gels in freezing temperatures and may cause blockages and other problems.

2. Get Your Battery Inspected & Cleaned

Dead batteries are incredibly common over winter, as freezing temperatures tend to drain batteries faster. To stay on top, ensure your batteries are clean and replace them if necessary. Some obvious signs your battery needs replacement include slow starts, dimming headlights while idling, or if your battery is nearing its lifespan—usually four to six years.

3. Switch to Winter Tires

commercial trucksFor better traction while driving over potentially icy roads, switch to your winter tires. Winter tire sets are a sound investment, providing great grip whether road conditions are wet, dry, or icy.

4. Top Off Fluids

Get all of your fluids inspected and topped off as necessary. Even the coolant system requires attention, as its fluid should be at the optimal freeze point. To get your cooling system tested and winterized, schedule professional servicing.

5. Check Tire Pressure

It’s very common for tires to lose air pressure over the winter. In general, they lose approximately 1 psi per 10-degree drop. This can negatively impact fuel economy and make tires more vulnerable to blowouts, so make air pressure checking a part of your winterization regime.


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