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Water Purification Systems You Should Install This Winter January 9, 2018

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Water Purification Systems You Should Install This Winter, Hiawassee, Georgia

Whether you realize it or not, water plays a major role in almost every area of your life: bathing, hydrating, cooking, and maintaining cleanliness (i.e., laundry or cleaning surfaces). It is because of this that it is imperative to maintain a clean and toxin-free water supply by installing high-quality water purification systems.

This winter, Chem Free Pure Water Systems in Hiawassee, GA, urges you to provide your household with clean, purified water with the following water filtration options: 

  • water purificationWhole-House Chlorine Removal System: Does your water give off a distinct chlorine smell? By using carbon filtration, this water purification system absorbs the chlorine and purifies household water, avoiding any unpleasant side effects to your water supply. The carbon gets rid of the chlorine odor, color, taste, and smell, leaving nothing but clean, quality water. 
  • Iron Breaker III System: This specific water purification system is known to eliminate up to 15 PPM of iron and 10 PPM of sulfur from your water supply. Not only will you get rid of that unpleasant sulfur smell and iron-tasting water by using iron removal filters, but you will also prevent the damage that these minerals can wreak, such as clogged pipes and yellow- or brown-stained clothing. 
  • Ultraviolet Light Purification System: Protect your water supply from contamination with the water purification system that effectively eradicates nearly all harmful waterborne bacteria and viruses that are resistant to chlorine methods of water filtration, like Giardia. Using a UV water sterilizer is also incredibly environmentally friendly because it produces no byproducts and requires relatively low amounts of energy to operate. 

The team of licensed Class 4 Water Experts at Chem Free Pure Water Systems are well-versed in all the previously mentioned water filtration systems, and have provided their dependable services to the residents of both Union County, GA, and Cherokee County, NC, for 40 years. Don’t spend another day with low-quality water and call the professionals today for a free estimate on a water analysis. Dial (706) 835-8865 or for more information, or visit them online to learn more about their water purification systems. 

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