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Why You Should Check Your Car Tires More Often This Winter January 12, 2018

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Why You Should Check Your Car Tires More Often This Winter, Columbia, Missouri

When you get into your vehicle during the winter, you’re so focused on turning up the heat inside that you forget to heed the illuminated tire pressure warning. Fortunately, you can make it disappear by simply checking the pressure of your tires. Since 1963, the drivers of Columbia, MO, have relied on Privitt Auto Service Center for the area’s top full-service auto maintenance and repairs. Their mechanics explain why you need to closely monitor your tire pressure while it’s cold outside.

Here’s Why You Need to Frequently Check the Pressure of Your Tires This Winter

What Happens to Tire Pressure During the Winter?

tiresDuring the first temperature drop of the winter, you’ll notice that your tire pressure monitoring system, or the TPMS, will chime and light up on your dashboard. The cold weather causes the tires to contract and lose pressure. The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association states that every 10 degree decrease in temperature causes a one to two pound per square inch decrease in tire pressure. The warning light may turn off if the temperature warms up again, but your tire pressure will still need to be adjusted.

Why Is It Important to Check Tire Pressure?

If your tires become significantly underinflated, they’ll wear down more quickly, which then forces you to purchase new tires sooner than you should have to. It also negatively impacts fuel efficiency since your tires don’t have the pressure needed to effectively move your car.

How Often Should I Check My Tire Pressure This Winter?

Experts recommend checking your tire pressure on a monthly basis in the winter, particularly if you have a newer vehicle. New cars with TPMS won’t alert you of a tire pressure issue until the tires become drastically under inflated. In addition, get into a habit of checking tire pressure every time there’s a large temperature change this winter.

Do your tires need to be replaced or repaired to keep you safe on the road this winter? Give Privitt Auto Service Center a call at (573) 449-7941. Because they’re family-owned and -operated, you can speak directly with the owners when you bring your car to them. Whether you need new brake pads or an oil change, their experienced mechanics will work tirelessly to ensure your car is ready to go in a timely manner. Visit them online to learn about how they can give your car the attention it needs to maximize your safety on the road this winter.

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