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3 Signs You're Eating at an Authentic Mexican Restaurant January 9, 2018

Downtown Milford - Harbor - Post Road South, Milford
3 Signs You're Eating at an Authentic Mexican Restaurant, Milford, Connecticut

Mexican restaurants are appreciated around the world. However, since the cuisine inspires chefs from various regions, it can be hard to tell which establishments are authentic. Fonda La Paloma in Milford, Connecticut is passionate about preserving the integrity of recipes that have been passed down for generations. Here, they explain what to look for when searching for a true Mexican restaurant.

3 Signs of an Authentic Mexican Restaurant

1. They Use Fresh Ingredients

RestaurantMexico is widely known and appreciated as one of the birthplaces of agriculture. Fertile lands allowed early societies to cultivate crops they could later add to culinary creations. That’s why fresh herbs, fruit, spices, and vegetables are hallmarks of Mexican food and drinks today.

2. Their Menu Features Traditional Recipes

Authentic Mexican restaurants hold traditional recipes in high regard. Often, the dishes featured on the menu are the same as they were generations ago. While many concoctions have evolved over the years, if you want the real deal, look for a restaurant that showcases the classics.

3. They Are Welcoming

Mexican culture is thought of as warm, welcoming, and joyful. The hours spent creating authentic dishes leads to a collaborative spirit in the kitchen, which transforms into genuine hospitality for guests. Some imitation restaurants attempt to recreate this spirit with kitschy decor and gimmicks, but a real Mexican restaurant will make you feel like a member of the family.

The joy of eating at an authentic Mexican restaurant is created by a unique combination of fresh ingredients, delicious recipes, and genuine hospitality. Fonda La Paloma in Milford, Connecticut, treats everyone who walks through the door like a welcome guest. Here, you’ll enjoy traditional recipes in a warm atmosphere. To learn more about their menu, visit them online or call (203) 693-2924.