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3 Reasons You Should Remodel Your Bathroom January 9, 2018

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3 Reasons You Should Remodel Your Bathroom, Bristol, Connecticut

Whether you’re tired of plumbing issues or are considering giving your bathroom a facelift, there are many reasons to remodel this space. It’s one of the most-used rooms in your home, after all, so it’s important it looks great and suits your needs. If you’re not sure you need to make this move now, read on as James J. Rybczyk Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in Bristol, CT, shares three reasons it’s time to remodel your bathroom soon.

Remodel Your Bathroom for These 3 Reasons

1. Address Plumbing Issues

Not all plumbing issues require a full remodel, but major or repeat problems could be a sign it’s time to update your plumbing. A professional can assess the problem areas and plan a way to not only fix the issues, but also prevent them from happening again in the future. This means you’ll be saving money down the road by ensuring your bathroom is working properly for years.

2. Boost Your Home’s Value

plumbing issuesWhether you’re looking to sell now or will be sometime in the future, having a newer bathroom will entice buyers. Consider replacing your shower setup, sink, vanity, bathtub, toilet, and tiles so they’re up to date with the latest styles. Your home’s value will go up, and your property may appeal to a new audience of potential buyers thanks to your upgraded bathroom.

3. Improve Functionality

Consider how your needs have changed while you’ve been living in your home. For instance, many families appreciate having a bathtub when their kids are little. However, as the children grow older and go off to school, parents may benefit from having extra space in the bathroom by replacing the tub with a standalone shower. Similarly, if you’re getting older, you might want to add handlebars to the shower or adjust the toilet’s height. 

To talk over your remodeling options with James J. Rybczyk Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, call (860) 589-2527. Visit the website to learn about their other services, which include emergency help to fix plumbing issues, pipe winterizing, and drain unblocking. 

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