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The Myriad Uses of Sand & Gravel January 11, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
The Myriad Uses of Sand & Gravel, Anchorage, Alaska

Sand and gravel may not seem terribly exciting, but they play a crucial part in a wide range of construction projects. Whether you’re building a new home or just putting in a new driveway, these humble ingredients form the foundation of everything from concrete to asphalt. Even handy homeowners looking to landscape their yards might need a truckload of gravel or a few bags of sand to get the job done. Many uses exist for these basic substrates, some of which may surprise you.

How Sand & Gravel Are Used

Making Concrete & Asphalt

sandSand is a crucial component of concrete, which is used in almost every type of construction project, from sewage and drainage pipes to building foundations. Along with building blocks, decorative landscaping tiles, roofing shingles, and other concrete products, both sand and gravel are used extensively in road construction.

Filling Construction

Because they allow water to drain into the soil below, sand and gravel are ideal construction fill materials. Building foundations are usually lined with a layer of gravel so water will drain away from the wall, and leach field pipes are placed in beds of crushed stone to dispose of wastewater.

Building Recreational Areas & Landscaping

High-quality beach sand, which is much finer than the material used in construction, is often used on volleyball courts, playgrounds, and other recreational areas. Crushed gravel can also be used to create attractive walkways and mulch for flower beds in your yard.

Improving Safety

In some areas, coarse sand and gravel can be poured onto roads, sidewalks, and driveways to improve traction and prevent accidents in the winter. They also won’t rust out your vehicle the way road salt will.


Whether you’re a homeowner involved in a home improvement project or a contractor putting up a new house, you can rely on Team Hale LLC for on-time sand and gravel deliveries anywhere in the Anchorage area. As a local, family-owned business, they’ve been serving their community for 18 years, building a reputation for dependable results and exceptional service. Visit their website for an overview of their trucking services, follow their Facebook for tips and updates, or call (907) 344-3346 to request a quote for your project.

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