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Should You Repair or Replace Your Bumper After A Fender Bender January 12, 2018

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Bumper After A Fender Bender, Lincoln, Nebraska

If you’ve ever been in a fender bender, you’re probably familiar with what your bumper looks like afterward. Even a small impact can leave a major dent on a bumper. But how can you know if that dent means the bumper needs to be replaced or repaired? To help answer that question, the bumper repair experts from Tracy’s Collision Center, based in Lincoln, NE, have put together the following information. 

Bumper Inspection

The first thing a technician will do is inspect the bumper for damage, typically cracks or dents. Depending on the damage they see, they may remove the bumper to check for hidden damage on your vehicle. Once a full inspection has been completed and no other damage is found, they will address the next step: to repair or replace the bumper.

Bumper Repair

If there is no hidden damage, no cracks and the damage is minimal they might choose to repair the bumper. This is especially true for older model vehicles and specialty cars that have unique bumpers. Lightly damaged bumpers can be repaired by pulling the dent out or filling the damage with a strong material and repainting the surface.

Bumper Replacement

bumper repairTechnicians will want to replace your bumper if they see cracks on it. Cracks weaken a bumper’s structural integrity, meaning it won’t be able to protect you and your vehicle if it is hit again. Replacing the the part, even if it doesn’t seem very damaged, is a matter of safety. 

If safety is not a question, Tracy’s experts will consider the cost of repair versus replacement. Repairs can sometimes take more time, making it more cost-effective to simply replace your bumper. You should always feel comfortable asking your technician for details about their decision.

When you need bumper repair or replacement, turn to the experts at Tracy’s Collision Center. With limited lifetime warranties on most of their bodywork, you can feel confident that your car will be in the best hands possible. Learn more about their services by giving them a call at (402) 441-4820. You can also visit their website and like them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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