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4 Helpful Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality January 9, 2018

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4 Helpful Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Gates, New York

If the indoor air quality in your home is less than stellar, you may be wondering what your options are to improve it. Luckily, there are many steps you can take, from conducting energy audits to simply cleaning more often. To keep your home pollutant-free and comfortable, follow the suggestions below.

Top 4 Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air

1. Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

Switch to organic, non-toxic cleaning and home improvement products to reduce the amount of chemicals released into the air. Paints and paint thinners are two examples of the many home products that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while chemical cleaners featuring synthetic fragrances are just as detrimental. Use white vinegar and water to make a cost-effective, non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner, and purchase organic versions of paint and other household products.

2. Schedule an Energy Audit

energy auditSchedule an energy audit that includes a carbon monoxide analysis and ductwork inspection to get a better sense about the quality of your home’s air. These tests also analyze air infiltration rates and moisture levels to help you maintain a clean, healthy living environment.

3. Vacuum & Mop Regularly

Reduce the amount of dust in your home with regular vacuuming and mopping. Dust attracts chemicals and allergens, so use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to increase indoor air cleanliness. Mop whatever your vacuum does not pick up on hardwood and linoleum flooring, and put mats in front of all doors to minimize the amount of pollutants and contaminants that get tracked in.

4. Get a Radon Test

Get a professional radon test to determine if the odorless, colorless gas is affecting your home. Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, and it easily enters homes through cracks and holes in the property’s foundation or around windows and doors. 


Schedule a comprehensive energy audit with the friendly team at Taylor Heating in Rochester, NY to, enjoy cleaner, healthier indoor air. The renowned plumbers provide furnace repairs and HVAC installations, among other helpful services that keep your home functional and your utility bills low. Give them a call today at (585) 500-4357 to schedule a free energy audit, and visit their website for more information on what they do. 

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