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Attorneys Explain How to Determine Liability in Slip & Fall Cases November 14, 2018

Boston, Suffolk
Attorneys Explain How to Determine Liability in Slip & Fall Cases, Boston, Massachusetts

Snow and ice that accumulate in the wintertime present potential hazards when not properly removed from walkways or stairways. Property owners who fail to clear snow and ice may face liability in the event of a slip and fall accident. The attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, PC, have seen the damage that can occur when individuals or companies are negligent in their upkeep. Their personal injury attorneys are available to help victims of slip and fall accidents obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

The Basics of Premises Liability

attorneySlip and fall cases resulting from ice come under the umbrella of premises liability. Property owners are required by law to ensure their land and facilities remain safe for visitors and guests. If a person is injured due to unsafe conditions, the proprietor might be liable for the damages incurred.

Establishing negligence requires showing that a reasonable person would have identified a potential hazard, such as an icy sidewalk, and acted swiftly to remedy the issue. 

Recent Changes Impact Slip & Fall Victims

In Massachusetts, recent changes to the law have had a positive effect on accident victims. In the past, property owners were given leeway in regards to snow and ice accumulation on their land. However, a 2010 case involving an accident in a store parking lot put proprietors at greater fault for their negligence in slip and fall incidents. As such, attorneys can more easily prove liability, even when snowfall is new and untouched.

Have you or someone you love been recently harmed due to someone else’s negligence? From wrongful death claims to slip and fall injuries, Bellotti Law Group, PC, offers skilled legal assistance coupled with a real dedication to clients’ needs. Schedule a consultation with a seasoned attorney today by calling (617) 778-1000. You can also visit the firm online for more information on their practice areas and the services they provide.

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