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3 Great Ways to Shop at the Grocery Store on a Budget January 9, 2018

Ridgewood, Queens
3 Great Ways to Shop at the Grocery Store on a Budget, Queens, New York

Don’t feel like spending all your cash on groceries? No problem! There are simple tricks to shop in a way that lets you keep your larders stocked without emptying your bank account. This doesn’t have to be an impossible feat, especially with the presence of grocery stores that offer great deals and discounted items. Here are three tips from one such supermarket, Billy’s Marketplace in Ridgewood, NY.

3 Tips for Shopping at Grocery Stores on a Budget

1. Make Shopping Lists

Planning ahead is an effective strategy for maximizing your money. Making a list of everything you’ll need for your weekly menu ensures that you won’t purchase items you already have at home, and it will make you less likely to buy on impulse.

2. Take Advantage of Coupons & Sales

grocery storeSupermarkets are constantly offering special deals on their products and produce, often for a wide range of items. Before you purchase something outright, look around to see if you can find any coupons or special bargains. Every saved penny helps, and deal-hunting can even be a fun way to turn grocery shopping into a game.

3. Buy Nonperishables

If you find that you overspend on food items that don’t all get eaten, try balancing out your supplies with more nonperishables. In addition to taking up less fridge space, these items are often cheaper than fresh food, and you can consume them at your own pace. When you buy nonperishables, look at the shelf life of the item and try to purchase ones that will last longer.

If you’re looking for a local grocery store with great deals and a wide selection of goods, try Billy’s Marketplace in Ridgewood, NY. This local supermarket includes a butcher, a fish market, a craft beer bar, and much more. To learn more today, visit their website or call them at (347) 813-4053.

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