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What Can Be Done About a Cash-Only Bail Bond? January 19, 2018

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What Can Be Done About a Cash-Only Bail Bond?, Rocky Fork, Missouri

A cash-only bail bond requires you to pay the full amount of bail in cash. It’s quite different from the surety bond you can get from a licensed bondsman, where you just have to pay 10 to 15 percent of the total bail amount. A cash-only bail bond aims to ensure the court appearance of a defendant.

Richard Cloud Bail Bonding in Columbia, MO, shares what you can do if a cash-only bond gets too expensive:

  • Talk to Your Lawyer: Your lawyer will likely know your options once a cash-only bond is assigned to you. A common strategy is to file bail motions as often as court rules allow to negotiate a more favorable condition. An attorney can file to have it removed, changed to a lower amount, or compel surety agents to allow 10 percent payment.

  • bailNegotiate With the Judge: Wait for a court appearance and try to convince the judge to give you a more affordable bail. The level of offense and your track record will be crucial factors here. If you’ve never been arrested before and are not a flight risk, you have a high chance of successfully negotiating the stipulations.

  • Hire a Bail Bondsman: It’s in your best interest to retain the services of a professional bail bondsman during negotiations. They can help you understand the process and provide the best options for your case. A friend or family member usually shoulders the responsibility of taking you to future court dates and make arrangements with the bondsman.

  • Find Other Sources: If you’ve exhausted all your efforts and are still short on bail money, it’s time to raise funds through other means. You can ask friends and relatives to give you items that they are willing to sell and pawn them off. If you have some branded clothing, sell it at your local consignment shop. You can also look for nonprofit bail funding programs in your area.

If you need the services of a bail bondsman to help a loved one behind bars, you can count on Richard Cloud Bail Bonding. This company can provide quick and efficient solutions through the legal process. They also maintain the highest levels of professionalism and discretion. Call (573) 442-0078 to speak with a bondsman today, or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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