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PowerGrab and PowerStep from Hurricane Safety System Offers Treestand Safety at an Economical Price January 5, 2018

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PowerGrab and PowerStep from Hurricane Safety System Offers Treestand Safety at an Economical Price, Garfield, Michigan

If you hunt the east coast, the southern region, or much of the Midwest of the United States, you probably spend many of your hunting days using the advantage of hunting from elevated stands. Hang-on stands, also known as lock-on stands, are a favorite among hunters for the fact that they are more versatile than ladder stands and not as complicated as climbing stands. Hang-on stands can be hung in areas that are not ideal for ladder stands and impossible for climbing stands. A hunter can easily carry a hang-on stand and climbing sticks into the woods whereas ladder stands are heavier and require assembly with nuts and bolts.

Standard climbing sticks are placed directly on the tree and strapped tightly in place. This method causes the hunter to be close to the tree and climbing straight up. Once at the height of the platform, the hunter transitions off of the climbing stick onto the hang-on stand platform. This transition is done while the hunter is embracing the security of the tree and standing on the last climbing stick; add to that, a hunter is often doing this in the dark of early morning, or on their descent at the end of the day after last light, with a backpack or other gear strapped to them.

Statistics reflect that higher than 85% of tree stand accidents occur when the hunter is transitioning from the ladder to the stand platform or vice versa. All too often hunters become confident and fall victim of being comfortable and even complacent with using elevated stands. It is natural, you do something time and time again, it becomes second nature, and we often go through the motions subconsciously. This final step from the climbing stick to the platform is critical because it is often done without the hunter being tethered to a safety line or tree strap secured to their safety harness. Even with a safety line, no hunter wants to experience the horror and instant fear of a fall.

Hurricane Safety Systems Treestand PowerGrab and Treestand PowerStep were designed to make a safe and secure transition from climbing stick to stand platform.

The Treestand PowerGrab is a grab bar measuring 16”x6”x2” giving the hunter 16” of handgrip for the perfect grab every time. The one-piece unit securely straps to the tree with the included ratchet strap at a customized height for that last step. The top and bottom brace will keep the PowerGrab from twisting regardless where any pressure is placed on the handgrip, top or bottom. The PowerGrab can be placed on either side of the stand and at the height comfortable for the hunter. The grab bar allows the hunter to get an arms-length away from the tree giving them more room and clearance to maneuver laterally to the platform. The PowerGrab is a perfect place to tie-off a pull-up rope, and once in the stand, the hunter can conveniently use it to hang a backpack, binoculars, or rattling antlers from.

The Treestand PowerStep attaches directly to the center bar of most stick-style climbing sticks with two formed channels and quickset bolts for solid adjustment. This product is not designed to be used with rapid rails or non-continuous sectional climbing systems.

The PowerStep measures 20”x16”x12” and can be attached to the climbing-stick permanently. No other straps are needed to install the step securely to the climbing-stick. The PowerStep offers the hunter a wide adjustable platform style step with three large-tooth rails for a solid grip step even when the steps are iced over or with wet and muddy hunting boots. Adaptable for right-handed or left-handed assembly. The PowerStep is mounted where it will be parallel to, or slightly above, the stand platform for easy and safe lateral entry.

Adding these two components to a hang-on stand set up can be done easily and can even be placed on every set-up pre-season. The Treestand PowerGrab and the Treestand PowerStep offers hunters the security of transitioning laterally from the climbing sticks to the stand platform safely for a very economical price making these products ideal for every hang-on stand on your hunting property. 

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