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A Dentist Explains What a Root Canal Is January 5, 2018

Whitefish, Flathead
A Dentist Explains What a Root Canal Is, Whitefish, Montana

When a tooth becomes badly infected, it requires immediate treatment from a dentist. A root canal is the standard treatment to clean and save the infected tooth. The procedure removes the pulp, or the inner portion that has become infected, as well as the nerve. This is followed by another cleaning before customized fillers and sealers are applied. Fillers and sealers fit precisely in the tooth’s newly cleaned canals to maintain its structure and prevent reinfection. Teeth that have received root canal treatments become impervious to pain because the roots have been removed.

Why Is a Root Canal Necessary?

Root canals are usually a last-resort treatment to save a severely infected or damaged tooth. Untreated cavities spread to the inner sections and infect the pulp and nerve, causing them to die and become inflamed. The tooth will eventually abscess in an attempt to localize the infection, resulting in symptoms such as pain, swollen lymph nodes, a bad taste, gum inflammation, and jaw pain, among others.

teeth cleaningRoot canal therapy is a relatively simple procedure available from the dentists at Montana Center for Laser Dentistry PLLC in Whitefish, MT. It prevents an abscess from worsening and spreading throughout the face and neck. The procedure also prevents the eventual bone loss that occurs when decayed teeth remain untreated for years.

Additionally, it stops the often-debilitating pain associated with badly decayed teeth. Tooth pain is almost always a sign of a severe infection, as most cavities do not hurt until their later stages. Root canals eradicate this pain and may include the application of posts made of strong plastic or metal in the canals to further stabilize teeth.

Prevent root canals by scheduling your next teeth cleaning at Montana Center for Laser Dentistry PLLC. The cosmetic and general dentistry facility utilizes innovative laser techniques to treat teeth and gums without pain or discomfort. Call (406) 862-1010 to book a dentist appointment, or visit the website for more information. See what patients say about the laser dentistry service on Yelp.

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