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Top 3 Auto Repair Issues That Trigger the Check Engine Light January 9, 2018

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Top 3 Auto Repair Issues That Trigger the Check Engine Light, Honolulu, Hawaii

If your car's check engine light suddenly comes on, your first instinct may be to panic. Try to remain calm, though, because there are myriad issues that could cause it to illuminate, and your local auto repair shop should have no problem handling any of them. Beyond small, easily fixable issues like a loose gas cap, here are some of the common reasons your vehicle’s check engine light will advise you to head to a local car repair shop as soon as possible.  

Top 3 Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

1. Faulty Spark Plugs or Ignition Coil

auto repairThese key components work in tandem, as ignition coils generate the electricity necessary for the spark plugs to ignite the mixture of fuel and air within the car's cylinders. Worn spark plugs and faulty ignition coils can lead to a variety of serious issues, from engine misfires to unexpected shutdowns, and if one or the other fails, your check engine light will signal the need for auto repairs.

2. Catalytic Converter Malfunction

Catalytic converters turn combustion-generated carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, making them integral to your vehicle's exhaust system. The cost of replacing one can be fairly high, so it's important to keep yours in working order through routine car maintenance. An illuminated check engine light could signal a potential catalytic converter failure, so have a professional inspect yours right away. 

3. Vacuum System Leak

Fume-routing, brake boost operation, and other functions all work as they should thanks to the assistance of the vehicle's vacuum system, so related problems should never be overlooked. You may see the check engine light if your system experiences a leak, which could come about as a result of cracked fittings or loose connections. You'll likely need an auto repair specialist to trace the source of the leak itself. 

One single piece of advice holds true no matter the issue behind the appearance of your check engine light: don't wait. The sooner you take care of the underlying problem, the better chance you have at getting back on the road without breaking the bank on more serious repairs. 


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