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A Survival Guide for Parents With Teen Drivers January 17, 2018

Beechwood, Rochester
A Survival Guide for Parents With Teen Drivers, Rochester, New York

Many parents worry about their teens starting driving school. Getting behind the wheel is a big responsibility, and it is stressful for parents to watch their kids try for the first time. Morgan School of Driving Inc in Rochester, Greece, and Fairport, NY, wants to help parents get through this transition as their teen learns to drive and shares a brief guide below. 

3 Tips to Help Your Teen With Driving School

1. Establish Ground Rules

Your teen will learn about the rules of the road during their driving lessons. While you can reinforce these rules, also have a set of your own. That may include regulations on whether your teen can listen to music while driving, ensuring they don’t use their cell phone, and not allowing anyone who isn’t family in the car for some time. These rules will further promote safe and confident driving.

2. Practice

driving schoolParents often hesitate to bring their teens out for extra practice because they’re nervous. Your child will only improve their driving school skills by practicing. Provide them with ample time to be behind the wheel, so they get used to the nuances of the road. Have them drive on city streets, back alleys, and highways at all traffic levels. This helps them adjust to different road types and situations they’ll face once they’re licensed.

3. Continue Learning

Driving school doesn’t stop when your teen passes their test. Keep practicing with your kid, assessing their skills and weaknesses and helping them work on any areas they struggle with. For example, work on parking and navigating, as these will help your teen wherever they drive.

Parents can help their teen through driving school by setting rules, practicing out on the road, and continuing the learning process after they earn their license. To enroll your teen in driving lessons, contact Morgan School of Driving Inc. Call the Rochester location at (585) 288-6290, the Greece school at (585) 227-9010, or the Fairport location at (585) 425-2410. Visit the website for more information on their private one-on-one lessons, at-home pickups, and convenient scheduling. 

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