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The 10 Crucial Things to Look For in a Child Day Care Center March 26, 2015

Rochester, Monroe
The 10 Crucial Things to Look For in a Child Day Care Center, Rochester, New York

In this age of rapid technological advancement, it's more important than ever for preschool learning centers to foster inquisitive and active brains. Imagination Childcare Academy in Rochester, NY uses a multi-sensory approach to learning that ensures every child is exposed to activities that both challenge and cultivate their minds. A multi-sensory teaching technique caters to a child's individuality, and enables them to learn through all the senses. 

More than a basic day care, this preschool program engages children with a spiraling curriculum that guarantees concepts are strengthened as complexity increases. Every child is encouraged to learn at his or her own pace, and this creates a nurturing, hands-on learning environment that is as much fun as it is strategic for developing cognitive, physical, and emotional growth.

Does the day care center you’re considering for your child provide a curriculum that incorporates these 10 factors? 

  1. Daily communication, language and literacy instruction
Mathematical and technological comprehension
  3. Time for artistic expression (writing stories, painting, imaginative play)

  4. Encourages building creations
 with various materials
  5. Sensory exploration incorporated throughout the day
Daily outdoor play

  7. Self-help activities
  8. Personal health and safety instruction
Problem solving strategy instruction
  10. Multi-sensory approach to learning

If your current childcare facility doesn’t offer these components, then your child could be missing key opportunities to develop skills that will enhance learning outcomes. 

The goal at Imagination Childcare Academy in Rochester is to create a child care center that is adaptable to every child’s individual learning needs. Parents can create a flexible schedule for their child with either full or part-time enrollment. Visit the Imagination Childcare Academy online to learn more, or call them at (585) 413-3948 to learn more.

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