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What You Need to Know About Irrigation Wells for Livestock January 4, 2018

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What You Need to Know About Irrigation Wells for Livestock, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Wells are an excellent, natural source of water and easily implemented in any sized property. For those who live in an agricultural setting, an irrigation well is a top option. Irrigation wells keep the livestock on your property well-nourished without much effort on your part as the owner. With the help of the right well drilling company and an excavating contractor, you’ll install one with ease and enjoy their many benefits for years.

A Guide to Irrigation Wells for Livestock

How Do They Work?

Irrigation wells are made by a contractor drilling into below-ground rock layers. Large drilling rigs allow excavators to reach water that exists deep underground, which is later raised to the surface by an electric pump. They allow your livestock to drink water as necessary while you rest easy knowing they have consistent access to clean, pure water. No matter where you live, an irrigation well will combat the weather (even in freezing temperatures) and retrieve plenty of water for your animals. 

What Are the Benefits?

irrigation wellsFor most farm owners, keeping a constant water source available for their livestock is a hassle. If they live in an area that is prone to freezing, livestock will be stripped of their water source as soon as the first chill arrives. Irrigation wells are drilled deeply enough that the water below ground cannot freeze, ensuring there is a reliable source of water for your animals. 

They can be installed with more than just the weather in mind. For many landowners, power is a major component in whether their well system will work appropriately. Irrigation wells can be installed with a solar-powered pump, making them more environmentally and cost-friendly than ever before. 


Are you considering an irrigation well in Shell Lake, WI? Contact the team at DMB Drilling Co Inc. Their highly qualified technicians are well versed in well drilling and maintenance, and will show you what will work on your property. With a commitment to high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, you’ll make an excellent investment. For more help, reach out online or call (715) 653-4202.

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