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3 Best Gifts to Give From an Antique Shop January 16, 2018

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3 Best Gifts to Give From an Antique Shop, Martinsburg, West Virginia

If you’re searching for a creative, meaningful gift for the art collector in your life, consider perusing an antique shop. They’ll undoubtedly appreciate the research and consideration put into your present. At Queen Street Gallery of Martinsburg, WV, you can find a broad selection of art, sculptures, and artifacts to choose from. The following are a few antiques they recommend as unique gifts.

3 Antiques to Give As Gifts

1. Rare Posters

When it comes to one-of-a-kind gifts, it’s best to go with something rare. There’s little chance the receiver will own a copy themselves, and a poster’s scarcity makes the gift all the more special. Perhaps your loved one is a big Keith Haring fan looking to widen their collection, or they simply adore pieces tied to history and culture. Queen Street Gallery offers a wide-ranging assortment of rare posters from a variety of artists, eras, and mediums.

2. African Tribal Masks

antique shopFor a unique and cultural gift, African tribal artifacts are perfect. Each tribal mask carries its own story and significance. You can do your own research and impress your loved one with the background information you dig up, or allow them to uncover the history themselves. One particularly interesting piece is Queen Street Gallery’s Dogon mask. These masks are worn during rituals called dama, in which the Dogon people honor and send away the souls of the deceased. The intricate, colorful nature of these masks reflect a rich, complex culture. This gift is ideal for those who love learning about different customs and histories around the world.

3. Original Art

Many people love having beautiful pieces of art around the house, but how many can say they own original paintings? Nothing quite compares to the texture and vivid colors of an original oil on canvas painting. Support local artists by gifting a John Foflygen piece from Queen Street Gallery. With a style influenced by both impressionism and realism, Foflygen’s art is expressive, colorful, and often depicts familiar hometown elements. Your loved one will adore his gorgeous work.

Queen Street Gallery is Martinsburg’s premier antique shop, featuring countless intriguing prints and pieces. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for the art, vintage, and history lovers in your life within their extensive gallery. Browse their collection online, or call (304) 263-9495 for more information.

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