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5 Reasons to Charter a Bus Tour to a Sporting Event January 4, 2018

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5 Reasons to Charter a Bus Tour to a Sporting Event, Taunton, Massachusetts

When your group is traveling cross-country to a sporting event, schedule a motor coach charter instead of driving separate vehicles. Whether it's a professional match or a high school away game, a service is more ecological and allows for fun along the way. Below is a list of reasons you should hire a bus tour service when traveling to your next sporting event.

Why Charter a Group Bus Tour to Your Next Sporting Event

1. Keep the Group Together

bus tours in Taunton, MAA motor coach charter lets your group ride together. That way, nobody gets separated or loses their way. Also, you can celebrate the win or mourn the loss together on the way home.

2. Reduce Fuel Consumption & Pollution

A single, fully occupied motor coach is six times as fuel efficient as the single- or partially-occupied cars needed to transport a comparable number of people. Thus, you can reduce fuel consumption and air pollution by chartering a bus tour instead of driving separately.

3. Party En Route

On a motor coach charter, you can enjoy a party atmosphere en route to the event. You can't do that when you drive separately. You’ll get to spend more time with family and friends by making an outing of it. 

4. Stay Safe

On a bus ride, you can nap if you're feeling sleepy on the way home, and you don't have to worry about driving under the influence if you've consumed adult beverages at the game. This helps keep everybody safe and sound.

5. Reduce Parking Congestion

A standard motor coach seats over 50 people. You'd need a dozen fully-occupied cars to transport that many passengers, so every bus helps reduce parking lot congestion. This makes it easier to park and lets you leave the lot more quickly once the game is over.


There are various benefits to your group and the environment when you choose a bus service over individual drivers. To charter a bus tour for your next sporting event, contact Bloom Tour and Charter Services, the leading transportation service in Taunton, MA. Family-owned and -operated for over 70 years, they have the experience to make your group tour successful and rewarding. Visit their website to request a quote, or call (800) 323-3009 to learn about your options.

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