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What is Corporate Wellness and Why Should You Invest In It? O’Fallon Chiropractor Explains January 10, 2018

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What is Corporate Wellness and Why Should You Invest In It? O’Fallon Chiropractor Explains, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

Corporate wellness is a term used to describe a workplace’s general state of mental and physical health. While the demands of every job can vary, developing a wellness program can help your professionals learn new ways to improve their bodies and stay motivated to protect their health. But does taking time away from work to support the health of your team really help in the long run? As a St. Charles County, MO chiropractor committed to holistic health, O’Fallon Pain Relief Associates discuss the merits of investing in workplace health.

What is a Corporate Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness programs come in all different shapes and sizes to fit the exact needs of a business. For starters, these initiatives may simply involve a series of workshops that help teach employees ways to improve safety on the job, explain the importance of sleep, or offer nutritional counseling.

More integrated programs may involve resources and activities that are focused on preventing health problems. For instance, a business may invest in standing desks and proper lighting to improve employee posture, reduce headaches, manage neck pain, and stimulate awareness. Companies might also provide professional health screenings, such as those that test cholesterol and blood pressure.

chiropractorBusinesses may also offer rewards to employees who engage in certain programs. For example, an office may host weekly nutritional lunches that teach attendees how to make healthy recipes. Some companies may also help to pay for gym memberships to promote fitness.

How Can a Corporate Wellness Program Help My Business?

When people see that their employer is taking an interest in their overall well-being, they are likely to hold a more positive attitude to the workplace. In fact, companies that offer wellness benefits tend to look more attractive to potential hires than those who do not.

Inviting nutritionists, chiropractors, and other specialists to host informational workshops can help employees take more control of their health and improve professional performance. For example, professionals who learn how to improve their sleep, fitness, and eat healthier foods, tend to experience a dramatic reduction in stress and energy. Not only do these benefits make the workday more pleasant, but they will also enhance overall productivity and reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

With a deeper appreciation of their health, employees may utilize the lessons they learn to strengthen their immune systems and take steps to catch medical problems early on. This proactive behavior often leads to considerable decreases in sick days.

If you’re looking to start your own corporate wellness program in St. Charles County, O’Fallon Pain Relief offers comprehensive services to address a wide range of workplace health matters. If awareness is the goal, this O’Fallon, MO chiropractor offers complimentary in-office workshops that teach employees important lessons, like how to manage headaches or maximize energy. This pain management team can also provide a workplace massage event at your business to help refresh employees. You can learn more about these services online or call (636) 978-3000 to set-up a workplace wellness event.

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