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A Rochester Preschool’s Top 4 Tips for Dressing Kids for Winter January 9, 2018

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A Rochester Preschool’s Top 4 Tips for Dressing Kids for Winter, Rochester, New York

Dressing your kids for winter weather really is an art. If you don’t know how many layers to use or the type of fabrics, your children may be too hot or too cold. Imagination Childcare Academy, a preschool in Rochester, NY, offers parents several tips to ensure their children are warm and protected from the dangers of frostbite.

4 Important Tips for Dressing Kids for Winter

1. Always Layer & Use the Right Fabrics

Layering is essential to maintaining an appropriate body temperature for adults, children, and infants. In general, kids should have an extra layer than what an adult might wear. Using the right fabrics when layering is also critical. Fabrics like cotton absorb and retain moisture, which can make for cold hands and feet after playing in the snow. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester for a base layer. Then you can add a wool or fleece layer before topping it off with a waterproof jacket.

2. Protect Their Head, Hands, & Feet

preschoolIt’s important not to forget about their head, hands, and feet, as these are often the most vulnerable to frostbite. Socks and gloves should be non-cotton fabrics that will retain warmth and repel moisture. Waterproof boots are also a good idea. For extended outdoor winter play, or for extremely cold temperatures, have them wear a scarf and a hat or earmuffs, or go with a facemask for the most protection.

3. Keep Spares With You at All Times

Most new parents learn quickly to carry spare clothes with them in case of spills, spit-ups, and other disasters. It’s critical to keep spares on hand in cold weather, though. A bag with at least one extra pair of pants, gloves, and socks will ensure your child stays warm and dry, even if they roll around in the snow or lose a glove at preschool.

4. Learn the Early Signs of Frostbite

Pay close attention to your kids’ skin when out in cold weather. If they complain their skin feels tingly or their exposed cheeks have a rosy appearance, it’s time to head inside. Red, tingling skin is a sign of frostnip, a mild form of frostbite that doesn’t cause permanent damage.

Whether you’re sending your child for a day of preschool in the middle of winter, or you’re enjoying a snow day, dressing them appropriately for the cold will keep them comfortable and safe. For more tips and other information, visit Imagination Childcare Academy online or call their child care center at (585) 413-3948. Their day care and preschool teachers can answer any questions you may have.

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