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Don’t Take the Risk. Go Certified Pre-Owned. December 29, 2017

Northwest Harris, Harris
Don’t Take the Risk. Go Certified Pre-Owned., Northwest Harris, Texas


At the dawn of the Apple age, first adopters would’ve never trusted anything but new devices, plus there wouldn’t have been very many other options accessible. But household electronics, smartphones, computers and more are everywhere now. The industry has matured and now, more than ever before, buying new is just a choice. The alternative is buying certified, pre-owned devices, getting more bang for your buck, backed by safe guarantees that what you’re getting is worth more than what you’re paying for it.


Gartner, in recent years, reported that by 2017, there would be over 120 million refurbished smartphones for the taking, or rather, purchasing. With such high supply of pre-owned iPhones, iPads and computers, Experimac Klein also notices the many needs of the community for more affordable solutions to keep yourself and family powered and on the grid. You might need inventory to start your small business or a replacement phone for your teenager who just doesn’t have the need for something brand new.


But let’s first break a lingering myth.

Pre-owned computers, iPhones, etc. can’t withstand the same level of use as a new device. WRONG. All Experimac inventory is certified, pre-owned and has, in fact, the same computing power as new devices on the market.


Experimac Klein hopes you choose us for all your Apple purchases and repairs, but more than that, we simply want our patrons and our community to be educated on the truths about making important buying decisions like these. We urge you to avoid buying ANY USED DEVICES that are not certified with a strong warranty. There are endless gimmicks in the market and very little buyer’s rights you have to purchase something used.


When browsing on sites like Craigslist or eBay, you rarely find devices guaranteed with a warranty of any kind. Also, just think about some of the horror stories you’ve heard about meeting up in shady places at unusual hours to meet a someone you’ve never met. You’re making a transaction, most likely by cash or check, with very little protection for you, the buyer–financially, but also physically. We want you safe and confident in your purchases. That’s why we list every device sold in our store with the promise that while it’s pre-owned, it’s also certified and backed by our 1 year warranty.


Here are 4 reasons to buy certified, pre-owned versus new on your next Apple device purchase:


  1. Buy eco-friendly. Compass Intelligence has predicted that by 2019 there will be approximately 475 million idle devices in our homes, not being used and just in the way. Like all technology, smartphones and computers are no different in that they are built from materials that can be harmful to people and the planet. By going certified, pre-owned on your next purchase, you simultaneously reduce waste use what’s already been made.


  1. Buy consistency. Unlike millennials, the majority of us are creatures of habits. We enjoy what we know and would prefer to not relearn new ways of doing things that might be unnecessary. Think about the old adage, “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You can stay with your same model, more or less, and keep with the comforts you’re used to.


  1. Buy replacements. This story is a dime a dozen. An average American consumer gets their hands on a new iPhone, for example, and takes it home. They get their contacts loaded, start using a few apps and even go a week or a month loving their new phone. Then they drop it for whatever reason. You’re left with potentially an unusable phone or a need for a replacement phone that is the same aesthetic at a great deal less what you previously paid. Think about the analogy of driving a new car out of a dealership versus a certified, pre-owned vehicle. Same feeling, same look, small sacrifice in mileage/parts, but great savings!


  1. Buy high-performance. Every device, before it’s commissioned for sale, goes through a detailed process of cleaning, testing and repair to ensure that it’s qualified for our customers. This is very different from other market options sold “as is”. By being refurbished, our devices are not just passing through to your eyes; they are passing the test of what constitutes a certified, pre-owned Apple device. Our team documents each and every device through the Experimac assessments and procedures so you can rest assured that what you’re buying is a high-performing and high-functioning iPhone, iPad or computer.


When everything is literally at our fingertips, it can be hard to see through the distracting poor options, but just as buying new is a choice, so is buying certified, pre-owned. At Experimac Klein, we build relationships with our customers on the fundamentals to serve well, maintain the highest level of integrity and offer our 1 year warranty on all devices and repairs.


For more information on buying certified, pre-owned with us, visit our website or contact us today.




Experimac Klein is your local solution for all Apple® related services and pre-owned products. Throughout Klein, TX, Spring, TX, Tomball, TX, Cypress, TX, Conroe, TX and The Woodlands, TX areas. We buy, sell, trade and repair Apple® products including Apple® iMac® computers, Macbook® laptops, iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets and more.


With us, you receive neighborhood-friendly service with highly competitive pricing for Apple® products, upgrades and repairs. Community-driven and here to help, Experimac Klein is your one-stop, no hassle partner to get you the devices you need to enjoy life and the service to keep them going strong.


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