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How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten: Advice From an Enrichment Program Professional February 13, 2018

Lower East Side, Manhattan
How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten: Advice From an Enrichment Program Professional, Manhattan, New York

Kindergarten is an entirely new experience for children, and it's only natural that they may feel a little uneasy or unsure before they walk into the classroom on the first day. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure your child is prepared for the challenges of kindergarten. Below, FasTracKids offers some practical advice on how to get your child ready for the first day of school. FasTracKids provides a variety of enrichment programs and academic support options for students throughout Brooklyn, New York, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Build Social Skills

First and foremost, kindergarten is going to be a significant social event for your child. As such, they should have some basic social skills that prepare them for interacting with other kids. In the months leading up to kindergarten, encourage your child to speak to other kids in social settings: have them join playgroups, attend birthday parties, and develop friendships with their peers. You are laying the groundwork for healthy relationships and good communication habits and skills.

Enhance Self-Awareness

enrichment programsWe all need a certain amount of self-awareness to move safely through the world. Start imparting this lesson early, and your child will be ready for kindergarten. Show them how to conduct themselves, how to ask for what they need, and how to recognize and name their feelings. Also, help them memorize basic information about themselves, like their address and phone number. You are creating a self-sufficient little person who has the necessary skills to navigate their new environment.

Attend Orientation

Kindergartens typically offer an orientation event before the first day of school. This can help your child get accustomed to the school and classroom, meet their teachers and classmates, and identify where important locations are, like restrooms and the cafeteria. Attending the orientation can often make that first day of school less scary, and your child will have some idea of what to expect once they become an official kindergarten student.

If you're looking to inspire a lifelong love of learning in your child, trust the education and enrichment program professionals at FasTracKids. In addition to enrichment programs, they have a full schedule of academic offerings, including reading and math tutors, after-school options, and gifted and talented test prep classes. Call (718) 260-8100, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter to enroll your child today.

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