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4 Factors When Choosing a Model Train Set January 9, 2018

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4 Factors When Choosing a Model Train Set, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Whether you’re looking to start a new hobby or are an experienced model train collector, it’s important to consider several factors when purchasing model trains. At Rail & Sprue Hobbies in Jacksonville, AR, you can discover a wide range of scale hobby items, including an impressive assortment of model trains. Below are a few items you should be mindful of while making your selection. 

How to Choose the Perfect Model Train

1. Size & Scale

Model TrainsIt’s important to go into your model train hobby with an idea of how much space you will be working with, as well as what size you prefer for a set. Model trains are categorized based on scale and are designated letters that reveal the ratio to their life-size counterparts. The four most popular model train scales are N, HO, O, and G, all of which offer different sizes and functions. Those looking for smaller-scale trains with opportunities for intricate design and additions may like the N scale best, which has a 1:160 ratio. On the other hand, train hobbyists who prefer larger trains that can withstand the outside elements may wish to go with the G scale, offering a 1:29 ratio. Either way, the scale of your train set will need to match the space and vision you have in mind.

2. Track Type

When it comes to selecting the model train set that is perfect for you, you will need to consider the type of tracks. There are currently two popular choices for model train tracks: the conventional model tracks and the newer, roadbed tracks. The latter come connected to a plastic base, making them sturdier and more secure. However, the traditional, connectable model tracks are more advantageous when it comes to extending your set’s track system.

3. Railroad Name

Model trains often come designed to look like their life-size railroad counterparts, so if you have a favorite train route or destination, be sure to browse the wide variety of options that can be found in hobby shops. Popular railroad names include Union Pacific, Pennsylvania Flyer, Chattanooga, and more. 

4. Power & Speed

If you would like your train set to be constantly on the move, giving you careful control over its speed and movement, you will need to look around for model train sets that come with a large and dependable power supply pack. Some battery packs are so advanced that you can run multiple trains using them. 

From choosing the best size model train for your display to selecting a set that has the right amount of power and more, you are certain to find the model train set that fits your style and preferences. Get started on your new hobby by visiting Rail & Sprue Hobbies in Jacksonville. Or, call (501) 982-6836 for more information. 

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