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West Chester Locksmith Shares 3 Ways to Combat a Burglar's Tricks January 4, 2018

Tylersville, West Chester
West Chester Locksmith Shares 3 Ways to Combat a Burglar's Tricks, West Chester, Ohio

Your family’s safety and property investment depend on working with a locksmith to keep a burglar out of the house. An experienced thief has an arsenal of skills and tools they use to bypass a homeowner’s defense system. Lang’s Locks in West Chester, OH, has been protecting the community since 1990. The family-run business knows all a burglar’s tricks, and, best of all, they know how to combat them. Here are their tips on how to keep your house secure.

3 Locksmith Tips to Protect Your Home

1. Quality Door Locks

The door locks are a house’s first line of defense, and getting past a cheap one is the first skill on any amateur burglar’s resume. There are two strategies they could use to open the door; they can use picks or break it completely. Both methods will be made easier with a low-quality lock. When speaking with your locksmith, ask about the strongest materials for the cylinders and pins. To make your installation worth it, choose a brand that is trusted for its solid construction.

2. Window Security

locksmithWindows are often ignored by homeowners and left vulnerable. A cracked window might as well be an open door. Windows located near shrubbery and obscured from neighbors’ views are most at risk. Even second-floor windows can be broken into. Talk to your locksmith about installing more secure window locks. Make nightly rounds to ensure all windows are closed and secure before going to bed.

3. Garage Vulnerability

While you’re focused on securing the main points of entry to the house, the burglar will be looking at the garage. With minimal security, the garage door is easily broken into. Few homeowners bother to lock the door separating the house from the garage. Invest in quality installation on that inner door to keep unwanted guests out.

The act of breaking into a house is a learned skill, and the average homeowner is playing against a stacked deck. The best strategy to protect what’s yours is to hire a trusted locksmith. Contact Lang’s Locks to talk about what it’ll take to keep your home safe. Call them at (513) 285-9578 or visit their website to learn more about their services.