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4 Common Winter Landscaping FAQ Answered January 5, 2018

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4 Common Winter Landscaping FAQ Answered, Asheboro, North Carolina

It’s easy to neglect lawn care over the winter months. That’s why the professional landscaping team at Steve Hinesley and Co. Inc. urge Asheboro, NC, residents to ensure their lawns are in good condition all year long. From irrigation to tree trimming, you can trust in their services and the expertise of the staff that performs them. Here, this local landscaping authority answers common questions about winter lawn care.

4 FAQ About Winter Landscaping Measures

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

In general, it’s best to fertilize your lawn later in the fall or even during the early winter months. No matter what, fertilization should occur before the first freeze of the winter; that way, you can ensure your lawn has all the vital nutrients that were depleted during summer.

What Length Should the Grass Be?

landscapingShorter grass is preferred during winter. Tall grass is an ideal habitat for mice and other rodents, who will likely build nests in your lawn for shelter from the cold air. Unfortunately, this will result in a significant headache once warmer weather arrives. Cut your grass steadily shorter during the last hot months of summer so it’s the proper length when cold weather strikes.

Will Foot Traffic Hurt My Lawn?

Foot traffic will always hurt your lawn, no matter the time of the year. With this in mind, urge guests and residents to keep off the grass, no matter its current state. Doing so will prevent unsightly brown spots from forming.

How Important Is Cleaning My Lawn?

Items left on a lawn can damage even the healthiest grass. To prevent this, spot check your lawn for any debris and remove it as soon as possible. Dead spots can form under objects, which will leave brown patches in the spring.

No matter the time of year, Steve Hinesley and Co. Inc. provides residents of the Triad area with a wide range of landscaping services. Call (336) 629-3779 or (336) 886-9542 today to learn more about how you can care for your lawn from this winter to the next. You can also visit the website to see the full range of services they offer in their 12-month contracts.

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