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A Brief History of the Internet January 10, 2018

Cook, Westmoreland
A Brief History of the Internet, Cook, Pennsylvania

Today, internet service is as common as any other household utility. Although it came from simple beginnings, it has evolved into one of the most relied upon services in use today. Below is a brief history of the internet.

How It All Began

In the 1960s, ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), became the first means of sharing information across research facilities. This government-based system was used by the Department of Defense and a small number of academic and research institutions to share information. Because ARPANET was limited in membership, other organizations created new and more advanced networks to allow information sharing across any organization. 1983, the official birthday of the internet, brought about a standard protocol for communication across networks. The creation of the TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internetwork Protocol) became the standard for transferring information between computers.

How It Evolved

Internet ServiceDuring the early years, internet service was limited. It was complicated, slow, and not very standardized. As a result, use was limited to scientists and engineers. Technical advancements in the 1980s brought about listservs which began to make email exchange and email discussions more mainstream. Over time, email, FTP, and telnet were standardized, making it easier for non-technical people to use the network for information sharing. 1991 saw the first internet browser developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota. Internet service took off in the 90s when tech giants such as Microsoft and Netscape developed browsers that made it easier for everyone to access information. As the web evolved, it became easier to navigate and paved the way for the widespread development of practical applications for everyday use. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and wikis represent a whole new way to interact and share information across the world.


Although it started as a simple communication interface limited to government use, the internet has evolved into something used by millions of people throughout the world. For the fastest and most reliable internet service in the area, turn to LHTC Broadband of Stahlstown, PA. They have a solid reputation for providing quality phone, TV, and internet. Call them at (724) 593-2411 or visit them online for more information.

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