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The Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinet Trend & Why You'll Love It January 4, 2018

Albemarle, Stanly
The Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinet Trend & Why You'll Love It, Albemarle, North Carolina

Your kitchen cabinets are a major focal point of your home’s most popular room. Traditionally, all cabinets were made of the same style and color to create a cohesive design. That trend is now changing, with more homeowners opting for the “tuxedo” approach. 

What Is Tuxedo Cabinetry?

Tuxedo cabinetry calls for a two-tone approach, where the upper and lower kitchen cabinets don’t match. While it’s possible to have a stark contrast with black cabinets on the bottom and white on top, tuxedo cabinets can also feature complementary colors. For example, you can choose navy blue and a soft gray to give your kitchen a unique and stylish flair.

Why Are Homeowners Opting for This Approach?

kitchen cabinetsTuxedo cabinets are a fantastic design choice because they break up some of the monotony of a space. Kitchen cabinets can also look more like furniture if you have upper cabinets with a color similar to that of your walls. Those who shy away from stark contrasts can take a more subtle approach with a lighter and darker shade of the same hue. 

For tight spaces, light upper and dark lower cabinets will add height and make ceilings appear taller. Expansive rooms will benefit from the opposite, with the darker color on the bottom for a cozy feel. Either way, these kitchen cabinets are a fabulous focal point that can determine the overall aesthetic of the room. 


If you’re interested in getting custom kitchen cabinets, tuxedo cabinetry may be perfect for your home. The staff at Stanly Cabinet Co, Inc. has offered customized cabinet design and construction in Albemarle, NC, for almost 40 years. Their expertise ensures you’ll get the look, layout, and storage space you need in your kitchen. Visit their website for more information, or call (704) 982-0869 to get a free quote for your project.

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