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Can You Keep Lights on Trees All Year Long? December 27, 2017

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Can You Keep Lights on Trees All Year Long?, York, South Carolina

Many homeowners are partial to the look of lights in their trees as a part of their landscaping design. Not only do lights bring warmth and coziness, but they can also add curb appeal as well. While it may seem there is little else to consider, there is something to be said for outdoor safety with year-round lights. Keeping your lights up throughout the year is entirely possible, but you should take proper precautions to avoid emergency tree service and maintain healthy plants. 

Are Your Lights Safe?

tree servicesThe type of lights you use affects how long you can leave them up. The best option is outdoor Christmas lights, as they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Indoor lights, on the other hand, are more delicate and likely to cause a fire when exposed to the elements for long periods.

Where Can You Place Lights?

Placement is another crucial component to consider when deciding if you can reasonably afford to have lights up all year long. While most trees are suitable, the best options are strong, established plants that are not prone to movement with wind or stormy weather. Make sure the trees you hang your lights from are healthy and won’t require maintenance in the near future.


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