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3 Ways Pizza Can Be Part of Your New Year's Resolution February 12, 2018

Levittown, Hempstead
3 Ways Pizza Can Be Part of Your New Year's Resolution, Hempstead, New York

As January rolls around, many people are considering how they can make themselves and their life happier, healthier, and more productive. Though joining a gym is a common goal, Domenico's Restaurant in Levittown, NY, believes your aspirations should include pleasure foods like pizza. There are many ways to do this to ensure your new year is the best it can be.

Consider these three ways you can create pizza goals for your New Year’s resolution:

  • pizzaCelebrate Your Successes: You already have plans to work hard this upcoming year. It is equally important to celebrate and acknowledge your successes. For your New Years resolution, focus on rewarding yourself appropriately. If you get a raise, move to a new home, start a relationship, or make it through a tough week, praise yourself with a delicious, satisfying pizza. Self-love is just as important of a goal as self-improvement.

  • Try Something New: The new year is all about becoming a new and improved version of yourself. If you are going to be adventurous, it means you must try something out of the ordinary. When it comes to your pizza passion, this translates to tasting a unique pie. You might even discover a new favorite flavor combination. Try this—every third pizza you order, pass on the classic pepperoni and, instead, try the eggplant with ricotta or rigatoni ala vodka.

  • Learn Portion Control: One of the most common New Year’s goals is forming a healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to rely on a diet of green smoothies, however. Sometimes, becoming healthier simply means implementing self-control. When that comes to your pizza, you are in luck. Each slice is precut so that you can determine servings appropriately. Instead of having five slices, eat two and a salad. This allows you to indulge in something you love without sacrificing your New Year’s resolution for it.

No matter your New Year’s resolutions, you can always include pizza. One of Domenico's Restaurant’s goals this year is to be your go-to pizzeria in Levittown. For over 40 years, this family-owned Italian restaurant has perfected the art of pie making. Their menu boasts a wide array of options that are sure to wow your taste buds. For more information on their menu options, visit their website or call (516) 735-5535 today.

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