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Silver Coins Vs. Sterling Silver *What's The Difference* December 27, 2017

Carle Place, Carle Place
Silver Coins Vs. Sterling Silver *What's The Difference*, Carle Place, New York

Many people get confused when trying to determine the difference between what sterling silver is vs. what silver coins are made of.  Before you decide to sell or even give away your silver coins or sterling silver items read through the points below so you can have the most information so you never get ripped off!

What Are Silver Coins?

Silver coins are coins which consist of at least 90% pure silver.  This is combined with other metal alloys such as copper or nickel to mimageake the coin more durable.  Although pure silver does not oxidize it is a delicate metal that can bend and get damaged easily.  By mixing in some other metals it helps the coin keep its form throughout the years.  Silver coins are not only very valuable for their silver content, but also can be worth much more in certain situations.  For example, rare silver coins and antique silver coins can be extremely desirable and get you a solid cash payout.

What Is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver must contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% other non precious metals.  Many items such as silver jewelry, silverware, and flatware are imagemade of sterling silver.  If these items do not have any rarity or antique qualities, they are often melted down for its silver value.  However, your sterling silver jewelry or silverware can actually get you much more than the market price for silver.  If you have a collection of silver coins, multiple pieces of jewelry, or a complete set of silverware / flatware, you can get even more at payout!

Best Silver Payouts In NJ & NY!

American Coins & Gold is recognized as top silver buyers and offers cash payouts on the spot for your precious items.  With 6 convenient locations open 7 days a week and FREE EVALUATIONS on all items, you can’t go wrong with American Coins & Gold!  We offer you the highest cash payouts and always provide a safe, secure, and no pressure environment for you to make your important decisions.  We understand that often times people are selling items which have been passed down to them or have been in the family for a long time.  For this reason we treat every person with the upmost respect during the entire process.

Interested in getting a free no obligation appraisal?  Find Out What Your Silver Is Worth Today!

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