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5 Questions to Ask a Tailor During a Fitting January 9, 2018

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5 Questions to Ask a Tailor During a Fitting, Ansonia, Connecticut

Quality men’s clothing often requires some degree of tailoring for the perfect fit. At Seccombe’s Men’s Shop, in Ansonia, CT, their menswear experts recommend communicating with the tailor to ensure they understand what you want in a new suit. Here they share the top questions to ask during a fitting. 

Men’s Clothing Experts Share What to Ask During a Fitting

1. What Do You Recommend?

You may not realize what kinds of changes can be made to an outfit to make it fit and look its best. Ask the tailor if they notice any initial issues that could benefit from an adjustment. Knowing your options upfront makes it easier to decide what you want.

2. What Is a Good Fit?

Men's-Clothing-Ansonia-CTThe concept of a “good fit” isn’t universal. For instance, British tailors have traditionally considered a good fit to be looser than their Italian counterparts, who prefer a closer fit. See what your tailor’s idea of a proper fit is to help you decide if their opinion lines up with your goals. If they have pictures to display your options, take some time to review them.

3. How Long Does the Process Take?

This is essential if you need a suit for a specific event. You should also find out if multiple fittings are needed. This isn’t common, but it can happen, and may not be practical for someone with a busy lifestyle.

4. Do I Need to Maintain My Weight?

Both losing and gaining weight could potentially have an impact on the fit, depending on how much weight you lose or gain. Ask the tailor how much extra room you have, as you may not maintain the exact weight on a long-term basis.

5. What Accessories Do You Recommend?

A tailor has enough familiarity with men’s clothing to recommend the ideal men’s accessories that complement an outfit. Find out what additional items or garments to wear so the suit looks perfect. Letting the tailor know what types of occasions you’ll be wearing it for will help them make the best possible suggestions.

To learn more about men’s clothing and tailor fittings, visit Seccombe’s Men’s Shop, in Ansonia, CT. For over 90 years, their experts have helped men throughout the area dress their best. Contact them online to learn more, or call (203) 734-1536.

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