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What Can I Throw in the Garbage Disposal? January 9, 2018

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What Can I Throw in the Garbage Disposal?, Dalton, Georgia

A garbage disposal is a device located between the sink drain and trap that breaks down food waste so that it can pass through your plumbing system without damaging it. To ensure this appliance remains fully operational, you should know which items you can and cannot throw down the disposal. A-1 Pumping Service and Drain Cleaning is the leading septic service company in Dalton, GA, and below, their team lists the best and worst items you could throw in a garbage disposal.

Do Throw Citrus Rinds

You can throw citrus rinds down the garbage disposal, as they are soft and won’t cause any damage to the blades. It’s also a natural way to clean out your disposal and get rid of any foul odors.

Do Not Throw Grease

When liquid grease cools, it willseptic service solidify into a gooey substance that coats and clogs the blades and pipes. It will also trap other debris, which could lead to more repairs. Instead of throwing it in the drain, wait for the grease to cool and toss it in your garbage bin.

Do Throw Cooked Meat Scraps

Cooked meat in small chunks can be thrown into your garbage disposal. Avoid throwing down anything that is too tough for your knife to cut through. If you have a lot of leftover meat, throw it outside instead, as it may be too much for your disposal to handle.

Do Not Throw Bones

Cooked bones should never be tossed into the garbage disposal, as they will damage the blades. They will also become trapped in the pipes, leading to serious clogs and damages. The best way to dispose of bones is to gather them in a plastic bag and throw them in an outdoor garbage bin. 

If you’re located in Dalton, GA, and need septic services, turn to the team at A-1 Pumping Service and Drain Cleaning. With over 20 years of experience, they will identify the underlying issue and provide you with a fast and affordable solution. Contact the septic service professionals today at (706) 272-3352, or visit their website for more information.

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