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3 Roof Repair Tips to Stop Further Damage January 4, 2018

Kew Gardens, Queens
3 Roof Repair Tips to Stop Further Damage, Queens, New York

Even new roofs are at risk of being damaged, and one small problem opens the door to a host of homeowner headaches. Roof repair takes time and costs money, but there are steps you can take to stop damage from getting worse. JC Roofing and Siding in Queens, NY, has been keeping the community covered for the past 30 years. If your roof has experienced issues due to extreme weather or general wear and tear, here’s their advice on how to stop further damage.

3 Roof Repair Tips to Prevent Future Problems

1. Take Control of Leaks

roof repairThe longer a leak is left, the worse the damage will be. Water will seep from the crack and continue to spread through wood and drywall. Once it makes its way inside, it’ll weaken the internal structure of the roof, walls, and foundation. You need to stop the spread of water as soon as possible. If the timing is inconvenient for permanent roof repair, cover the area with plastic sheeting for a temporary solution.

2. Remove Stagnant Water

Stagnant water on the roof or in the attic will likewise lead to further damage and future mold growth. Once the weather passes, and it’s safe to walk on your roof, search the area for puddles. If you find any, use a broom to carefully dispel them. You should also note whether there are missing shingles or obvious dips in the roofline.

3. Minimize Interior Damage

While the water wreaks havoc on the roof, it’ll also damage your home’s interior. Protect your decor by placing containers under the leaks to catch the water. Then, move all furniture and other items away from the water spot. Cover things in protective sheeting until your roofer permanently solves the problem.

Roof repair doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. For fast and reliable service, contact JC Roofing and Siding. As the best roofing company in Queens, their team will offer you the most competitive deal on the market. Visit their website for more information about their services, or call (718) 261-1891 to schedule a roofing inspection.