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How to Check a Fire Extinguisher’s Pressure January 9, 2018

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How to Check a Fire Extinguisher’s Pressure, Olive Branch, Mississippi

While having a fire extinguisher for your home or business is a crucial step in fire prevention, the proper inspection and maintenance of the devices is a necessary part of staying as safe as possible. There are many different aspects to how a fire extinguisher operates, but one of the most important is its pressure.

Whether it’s a dry chemical, foam, carbon dioxide, or wet chemical, most fire extinguishers operate by expelling an anti-fire agent through a pressurized valve. When the device is properly maintained and charged, this agent can be forced from the fire extinguisher at a second’s notice. This constant readiness is crucial to fire prevention and safety.

fire extinguisherOver time, however, the pressure of a fire extinguisher can be depleted because of leaks or because the device was used and not correctly recharged. If this is the case, the anti-fire agent may not be able to be expelled through the valve with enough force to make it effective against a blaze. This, of course, is extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

Thankfully, modern fire extinguishers make it very easy to check the pressure of the device. On almost all fire extinguishers, there’s a pressure gauge with clear markings for optimal pressure (typically a green zone) or low pressure (typically a red zone). By regularly taking a look at a fire extinguisher’s pressure gauge, you can make sure the device is charged with the necessary and safe pressure.

If, however, the gauge of the fire extinguisher is in the red zone — indicating low pressure — a professional fire safety equipment company should be contacted to recharge the unit as soon as possible. This minor maintenance will ensure your fire extinguishers are always ready when they are needed.


A-1 Fire Protection is the go-to source for fire safety equipment and maintenance in the Olive Branch, Mississippi, region. From inspections, repairs, alarm installation, and training, the company takes pride in offering a full range of fire safety and prevention services. For more information, call (662) 895-2177 or visit the website today.

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