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4 FAQ About Teething Answered by Kids' Dental Care Providers January 3, 2018

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4 FAQ About Teething Answered by Kids' Dental Care Providers, Anchorage, Alaska

Every child experiences a bit of discomfort when they begin teething. Many parents struggle with this period as they want to help their little one feel better, but they’re unsure what to do. To help parents provide proper kids’ dental careAlaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage shares four frequently asked questions about teething.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teething

1. When Will Teething Start?

Teething typically begins between three months and one year of age, but the average start is at six months old. You’ll likely notice the bottom front teeth grow in first. Your little one will become more fussy than normal and will try to ease the pain by chewing on objects around your home. They may also run a slight fever and drool more as their saliva contains a natural painkiller.

2. How Can I Help Ease the Pain?

kids' dental careThere are many teething toys available that can help mitigate your baby’s pain. They’re typically made out of nontoxic, flexible materials that can handle many bites and can be easily disinfected. Look for ones that can be placed in the freezer for additional relief.

3. What Kids’ Dental Care Steps Should We Follow?

Once a tooth appears, you’ll need to start a dental hygiene routine to encourage healthy habits for your child. Parents can gently scrub their baby’s first teeth with a clean washcloth twice a day to prevent plaque buildup and cavities.

4. When Will My Child Be Done Teething?

Teething lasts until their final baby tooth grows. This process may take weeks or months as it typically takes about one week for a single tooth to poke through the gums, and your child will have 20 baby teeth. Teeth often come in one at a time, but they may grow in groups, which can cause extra pain and fussiness. 


Talk with your doctor and kids’ dental care provider about additional teething questions. They can provide more ways to soothe your child during this important growing stage. To schedule your baby’s first dentist appointment with Alaska Dentistry for Kids, call (907) 274-2525. Visit the website to learn about their talented, caring dental staff and reliable general dentistry for infants and kids. They provide emergency dental services as well as orthodontic referrals, root canals, x-rays, and fillings.

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